Harry Jay Sculptures
The Great Flying Machine

100% Hand Made In Santa Margarita, CA With Love

About Harry

Workshop on the Ranch


Welding and Hay

In 2015 Harry sold his house in Los Angeles and bought a ranch in Santa Margarita, CA. There was ample room in the barn for a studio. 

Just about every day Harry is welding, bending, and cutting metal into incredible sculptures. It actually takes a long time to find "junk" for the pieces. You can find Harry and his wife Diane going to scrap yards, friends garages, and yard sales looking for parts. 

Goats, Cows, Sheep, Miniature Donkeys all share the barn and enthusiasm for the work Harry is doing. We hope you will too!

Back in the game



Harry was born and raised in Los Angeles a long long time ago. At age 8 he played in his fathers ornamental iron shop where he learned to weld. By 16 Harry had rented space and was selling sculptures to friends and stores. Frank Sinatra, Merv Griffin, Regis Philban, General Bradley all had a Harry Jay Sculpture. Harry had built it into a nice sized business and sold it at age 22. He Started The Friedman Group an international retail training company at 28, and is still CEO. He also opened Crazy Harry's Bar in 2011 and sold in 2014. Today more than 50 years later Harry is in the studio again.

Custom Made Gifts


Something Very special

Let's say you have a friend that is a tennis player and also likes to fish.. Done. Harry can make his people figures do just about anything. Give him a theme and off we go. 

You might also consider gifts for the wedding party or any special occasion. Write Harry and start the conversation. For details. Harryjaysculptures@gmail.com


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